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10 Reasons why singing is good for you: Reason 10- Makes you feel fantastic!

Jennifer Richardson - Thursday, April 18, 2013
Singing makes you feel self-assured, in control, physically alive and fantastically 
creative. It feeds your soul as it creates physical well-being. With increased self- 
confidence you can do anything! Physical, mental and emotional health is a great 
side effect of singing. There’s no doubt about it, singing makes you feel fantastic!

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What a great reason to close this series with!!! Overall singing is such a beneficial activity for your mind body and soul, that you might feel like you just want to sing all day long, isn't it! Well why not! Start with short sessions and go big whenever you have the opportunity. Join a choir or a singing holiday, get the taste of it and you will notice how every little cell of your body will soon start singing within!

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