For people who want to 'live a creative life' rather than just 'look at it'!


We get our buzz from providing a smooth yet adventurous event where we see you shining with a 'creative expression'.


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  • When asked by friends and people at work, what we enjoyed most during our 7 weeks away, it was agreed unanimously “our time with Singabout in Montestigliano”
    - Julie & Nick Richardson
  • We feel incredibly blessed to have been able to experience “Singing in Siena” and meeting up with such a lovely group of people.
    - Julie, Nick and Tom Richardson
  • ...we met and joined a choir in Bali earlier in the year; a group of beautiful singing souls who make me weep and sing with joy all at the same time.
    - Miriam Hart
  • The beauty of the physical environment is inspiring.
    - Tony Backhouse
  • Leading singing groups under the auspices of Singabout is fun and wonderful.
    - Tony Backhouse
  • Jennifer's vision for the programs and hard work behind the scenes brings about a real experience of the local culture. The interaction between our singers and the locals has created events of great joy and deep friendships.
    - Tony Backhouse